Verified Listing’s Features & Benefits


Basic Features

  • Connect Dashboard
    Interested candidates can send you a message directly from your listing with the click of a button.
  • Statistics Dashboard
    Get the most out of your listing with access to detailed stats, including number of views and clicks.
  • Build trust with moderated reviews
    All profiles and reviews are verified. Plus, use our email templates to make it fast and easy for clients to write a review.
  • Get Constantly Promoted
    We proactively promote your services to other businesses and their owners via directory listings, SEO, newsletters and much more.

Premium Features

  • Be a ‘Featured Listing’
    Your business listing gets an extra ‘Featured’ tag and will show up as one of the top listings in relevant industry/location searches.
  • Post a RapidConnect Offer
    Seal the Deal, Faster! – Increase engagement and close deals faster by adding products or services that interested candidates can purchase directly from your listing.


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Claim & Connect
Forever Free
• Claim your Company's listing - you'll have access to update and edit your listing and customer's can send you DIRECT messages!
• Connect Dashboard
• Statistics Dashboard
• Build trust with moderated reviews
• Get constantly promoted
C&C + Rapid Connect
$49.99 for 3 Months!
• Everything from the C & C Package
+ Become a 'Featured Listing'
+ Post up to 2 Rapid Connect Offers

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